Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Beloved Boss Part 1

Created on January 4, 2013.

Today, I send a message to one of my friend. We know each other at PT. PPN (one of Downstream Oil and Gas Company). We worked together in that company, but in different department. She is in Marketing, as an admin, some kinda secretary of VP Marketing. And I was in Human Resources, as an admin too, some kinda secretary of Manager HRS and ISO Team. She reply my SMS with a shocked message for me.

Let’s begin the story with....
The first time I came to job fair, it was ITB Career Days on July 2012. My friends and I was so busy to prepared the documents. :*** Awesome!
A few weeks later, the company asked me to go to Jakarta and get interview. The company was located at TB Simatupang, Jakarta. But the schedule of interview was too early, and I have some problems with that day, so I asked for the reschedule.
Then, I went there on Friday, alone. There are a lot of obstacle for me to get there. Begin with the schedule of travel, I was travel lag, so I have to find another travel. Then I got lost in Jakarta, so I had to take a Taxi.
I was late 2 hours for the interview. But then, I interviewed by the Human Resources supervisor. After that, I have interviewed with Human Resources Strategic manager. He will be my boss. It was like a conversation,  and she made me feel comfortable when we had the conversations. 
I tried not to nod my head when talking to him and answered his questions as well as possible, even though there are still some questions which i can't answered properly. At that time, I was still doing my mini-thesis. Oh my God, and the manager asked me that if I confirmed by him, I have to start work 2 weeks since I have interviewed by him. Then he guessed that I still do my Chapter 4 of mini-thesis. I got frozed and I smiled to him and I said :” hhehehu, iiyyy ya pak.” Actually, I lied to him, the truth was : yes I have done chapter 4, but my lecturer was just decided to let me get into chapter 2. J In the end of conversation,  he asked me to make planning and budgeting analysis based on financial statement of PT. Pertamina, and then sent it to his e-mail.
I was got so frustrated. I sent BBM to my friends who have been working in a company, and asked them about financial analysis, and got some help. But it’s so hard to communicate only with BBM. Actually, the task was not so difficult but I made it being so difficult for me. I did the task as perfect as I can. Financial analysis, I have learned that on the second semester, and of course I forgot that -_-, so I had to learn again. I went to my lecturer’s home (but not for my mini-thesis, it was for my task) and borrowed some books from him. Actually, I looked for his help in teach me how to did the task. But he just gave me some books to read, and then he left me alone. OK. I learned by myself, tried to understand by myself -_-.  I learned and installed the adding program for Ms. Powerpoint (The boss didn’t want any presentation program except Ms. Powerpoint, so I need to adding another program in the Ms. Powerpoint).  
In the night I did my mini-thesis, in mid-night until morning I did my task from the company. In the morning, I cried (bemoaning the fate that how tired I am) and after that I went to my campus to get some discussion with my lecturers to discuss my mini thesis. :lol. 

Day by day I spent my time with my mini-thesis, the task from the company, Paramore’s music, dancing in the morning-afternoon-night, googling, eating, tahajud, and sleeping. If you want a bright future, certainly it’s not easy. Semua pasti ada balasannya dari Allah. Esti yakin semua ada maksudnya. Esti yakin Allah kasian sama esti. Esti yakin Allah pasti ngasih yang terbaik, dan semoga yang terbaik itu adalah (name of the company).
It was around 8.30 pm, I was on my boyfriend’s car, on my way to my boarding house, from Dago Atas. The manager called me and asked me did I do the presentation by myself or not. Then he told me that there was vacancy as a cashier, if I didn’t confirm to be his staff as planning and budgeting staff, I’ll be diverted to the accounting department; as a cashier which is control the petty cash. And I said yes, it’s OK.
Few days after that, I have a call from my boss that he confirmed me and asked me to get some Physiological Test. I was so happy and thankful for that. But he said that don’t be happy to early, I have to pass the Physiological Test first, and the test wasn’t cheap because the company was using private physiological organization for the service. Not only that, he gave me advice to do the test as good as I can, and then yeah.... (cape ngetik dan mulai bosan mengetik dan mikir inggrisnya -_-)

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