Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 02, 2014

My English is still bad.. :/, my IELTS score fluctuates :(, At the first time, it was 4.5 then rose to 5.5 and then fell to 4.5. -_- . Wow and now it's March, it means that I can't take IELTS test on March. I will take IELTS test in June. No problem, it means that i have 3 months to learn English more.

Actually, I'm not feel confident enough to do the test. I am so afraid.

Germany or France? Dikti's representative will come in next Tuesday. He/ She will ask us about the University and the major which we choose to study in. I am still not sure with my decision. Based on my friend's experience, although the tuition fee in Germany is free, the living cost in France is cheaper than that of in Germany.  In contrast, in France we have to use French very well and because of this, most of my friends choose to study in Germany.

One of my friends in France convinced me to choose Ecole Polytechnique. He said that it's one of the best University in the world. But my friend in Indonesia said that all of Universities in Germany have 
the same world standard, all of them have excellent education standard.

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