Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There is Something gone

I have to dream a lot, make a plan and do it.
Like what I did. 
People said: "Kamu tuh jangan kayak gitu lah es, jangan obsesi banget pengen kuliah di luar negeri. Perempuan itu jadi lebih baik ngurus keluarga di rumah. Biarin suami yang kerja keras."
Yups, luckily I didn't get angry or annoyed with what he said. I just kept silent and thinking, ya, that could be definitely true. But hey! Aku ga terobsesi banget buat kuliah di luar negeri. 
I wasn't too obsessed in studying abroad. Yes, I prayed to Allah and searched some programs which provide study abroad scholarships (it was only when I had spare time). 
But then after I graduated from my last University, I thought earning money was more appealing for me. I stopped searching scholarships; at least I have tried in making approach to get it. I realized that I need money, more than education. If I have money, I can take care my own life, give some money for my family, and may be one of the best that I can afford is continue my education in pursuing my master degree (in the University which located near with my company).
So, I want to go abroad (it was my dream since I was in high school), but I wasn't so obsessed (please don't said that I'm an obsessive person. You don't know me. Don't judge me. Just please, DoN'T.

Alhamdulillah, Allah say Yes, and my dream comes true. Suddenly, I got the scholarship and plus bonus. Eventhough it is not in America, such what I wished in the first time I made this blog (2008). (My blog's display hasn't changed until I wrote this post).

(the second picture is my comment post on 2009, do you remember this? :*. 
Alhamdulillah Allah gave you more, 4 years scholarship granted)

It's OK I didn't get scholarship in pursuing my master degree in America with my husband, because now I got scholarship in Taiwan with my 8 Indonesian friends and plus we are future lecturers.

Nothing is impossible. Actually, I was so confused, whether I stayed working in my company (which now I always sad and miss that company, I love the knowledge that I get when I work there.. so muuchh, oh noo too much knowledge that I can get in that biggest company in Indonesia, OMG I miss those so much; feels like there is something that has gone. I miss experience and knowledge and suppliers and users and bosses and friends and seniors and telephones and emails and pending items and pressures and talking English everyday and passion and new people and strange people), or do struggle in getting Dikti's scholarship. 

What I wanna say here is I have to dream more. I want to achieve 1,000. If then I fail getting 1,000, it would be OK because at least I got 800.

It's good for me in having passion. Recently, my passion is on business. To start a business, I have to know ...
Jadi, selain kuliah, ngerjain tugas yang numpuk dan bejibun, ikut kegiatan Bamus dan PPI Taiwan, isi waktu luang dengan kegiatan positive seperti ini; baca novel (I prefer read newspaper actually :/ because I believe it will be useful), belajar bisnisnya, keuangannya kaya gimana, and observe pasar.
May be after that I won't feel alone or feels like there is something that has gone anymore.

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