Saturday, March 7, 2015

What's on my mind?

These four days, I read a paper about management of POSCO company. It is Harvard Case Paper, with title: The POSCO Way of Field-Based Innovation. Well, after I read this paper, it quite messed up my sleeping time.
When I close my eyes, I remember about this company that I have worked for. I learned so much things there. I saw no competition there, we gave support each other. The pressure, yeah the pressure and athmosphere, I have to say that I miss that pressure.
               Finally, I present the paper 

But hey, before I resigned from that company, I prayed to Allah to give me the best, and I hoped that the best is getting scholarship, to fulfill my passion; study abroad.
Before I resigned, one by one of my boy bestfriends had resigned. It was quite make me feel alone. Do you know the feeling when your friends move out beyond you and feel happy?
I was feeling happy too for them, but there was something that trigger me out to move too.
That was not my sole reason to catch my dream (study abroad). The other reason is because the opportunity has came to me.
When I wanted to resign, the awesome things has given to me from my team leader. He was the best leader for me, I know he wouldn’t like it but actually in my heart he is like a father. What I saw from him, he was sooo nice.
Oh Gosh. I miss him so much L. I miss that company. I miss the staffs, all the staffs. Working in that company was like working in another country, in suburb island. I WAS SOOOO EXCITEEDDD WHEN I WAS WORKING THERE!! PASSION. PASION. PASSION.

Here, I am. Studying in Taiwan. Thanks to Allah because I have been here for 1 semester and I still have time here for 3 semester.

Getting scholarship and studying in another country. What I would like to say is ALHAMDULILLAH. I can save my money,  I can enhance my knowledge, I can buy things which when I was in Indonesia I have to think twice before buying that things, I have chance in adding MSc in my name, and I will be a lecturer (which always make me breathtaking and afraid because a lecturer have a lot lot lot of responsibilities; to Allah, Indonesian’s future, students’ parents....)..

There are a lot of things happen here to me.. I feel I am in the comfort zone. Eventhough I study in another country, but I feel that my English ability is decreasing. And something that I don't realize is: my communication ability has decreased, and I am being a silent person. Actually I didn't realize that until my friend told me. I just realize that my mood is not good here. Eventhough I have a lot of Indonesian friends here, which we study in the same class, and we went everywhere everytime together, but I felt a lot of things has disappeared, and I don't have much to make conversation. Eventhough I have been travelling to some countries and some cities in these 2 months, but I feel something has gone, yes I felt happy, but it was not maximum. 

2 weeks ago I met my other friends, I feel so excited. Even I don't know why I was so opened to the new people, and we talked so much. Really excited. In that way, I realize that what I need is having another friends. I realize that in Indonesia, everyweek I always have new clients, new suppliers, met users, new friends, talk in the public area with new people. Here, in another country, in suburb city, just a little people who can speak English. I miss those moment, which make my heart beat hardly, laugh together, Sharing our knowledges, sharing experiences and story, feel so excited and curious when I talk with them.

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