Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why Taiwan?

Time by time, I found the answer, why my destiny is to study in Taiwan. Why Taiwan?

There are some advantages for me:

1. I study with the other 8 Indonesian students (and we are in the same class)
    It can be said: power. The University provide what we need; especially the prayer room for Moslems.

2. Learning Chinese Language, the second Universal language
    Yup. Taiwanese are so friendly. I love them! It's quite different with Hong Kong and Chinese. Taiwanese is more friendly. And... They have a lot of questions about Islam. Well sometimes I feel bored in answering the same questions about hijab, but yeah it's just sometimes.
O ya, back to Language, Almost all of my friends can't talk Taiwanese language; same like us in Indonesia, not all of my friends can talk their local language. 

3. Helping TKI/BMI/Indonesian Labor in Taiwan
    I have already realized this one. I thought that studying in another country is just get in students community, or get involve in social organization with local people. But here in Taiwan is different, my friends and I can do silaturahmi with TKI. It's so interesting. 
The idea comes from the reality that when Indonesian labor came back to Indonesia, they bring a lot of money but most of them can't control it. They want to do business but they don't know how. So, we make monthly seminar (Saya Siap Menjadi Pengusaha) and workshop; we tell them the way to do business (as what we have known and learned), and invite some practitioners to teach us.
This below video is one of the vlog about one of PI Yunlin's activity with BMI in Yunlin

4. Join "Keputrian"
    Keputrian is held twice in a month. The agenda is doing sunnah activities, tadarus, reading Al-Matsurat, fasting, and of course sharing. My knowledge about Islam is enhanced gradually. I hope Allah will love me more and more and more :* Amiin.. And Allah forgive my sins and give me the best, saleh, loyal and healthy guy and family Amiinn :)  

5. Get more intense with Indonesian lecturer
    There are some Indonesian lecturer in my University. I can ask everything; how to make International journal, how to deal with Professor, how to deal with Dikti, how to do taaruf, etc. And every twice a week, we play badminton. :)) Hahah

Those are five things that I won't get if I am not studying in Taiwan.
Thanks Allah.. Alhamdulillah.. :))

Below is the clip news from Net Tv (Indonesia) about the sport olympiad in my university. 

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