Sunday, May 31, 2015

dear my blog

Dear my blog, It's been a long time ago, I didn't write here..
Dear my blog, now I'm in Taiwan, now it's not easy for me to meet people that I want to meet.
Distance being a matter. Responsibilities that I have is the matter.

I realize in the future I will miss this time, while I am in Taiwan.
This semester, is some kinda tired.

Dear my blog.. Can I share something to you?
I am disappointed.
I see people in Indonesia. Some guys who used to be interested with me, now they already have their own lovely girlfriend.
Dear my blog, I am in jealousy..
While in weekend I used to eat in restaurant and watch movie in movie theater, now I face this master degree student tasks.
While they are in holiday, I am facing my thesis, school projects, homeworks, midterm exam. Even, the other activities Taiwan social organization, Indonesia social organization, Indonesian student organization,  Indonesian Moslem Student organization..

My Thesis, please be kind with me.. I don't know what you are, what are the characteristics that you have, what you will be like, but You should be Gorgeous!!

#RIP English Grammar

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