Saturday, November 28, 2015

30 Days Challenge for Body

Just have an awkward situation on these  months lately. I lose my concentration. So, I have to make new plans and stay focus. Not only for the kindness of my body, but for my face too.

1. Work Out every morning
In Taiwan, Fajr time is in 04.55 and Sunrise in 06.18 . So I wake up at between 04.40 and 05.15. Then, I read Al-Qur'an and do work out about an hour. I focus on three areas; my tummy is kinda have fat, my butt is big and I want to have a thigh gap.  Furthermore, last month I bought light weight barbell, and yeah so I think I should use it frequently. I think it would be good if I have strong arm (eeeeeeerrrrrrr :)) )
My favorite channel is Vivian Vo farmer, a Vietnamese youtubers who lives in America, finally she uploaded her fitness routine which is make sense why she has that adorable body

My favorite youtube channel for work out are:
Booty exercise:

My body is skinny, so I prefer to do abs exercise, which will help you have a flat tummy too at the same time.

Nice legs an thigh gap:

2. Drink water and eat more frequently.
Usually, I drink just when I feel I need water. However, I force my self to drink 2 glasses of water every morning.
I eat quite big portion than my girl friends, but I rarely eat snacks. 

3. Learn how to make up.
Yes, for sure this is important. My recent favorite youtube channel for make up is

4. Exfoliating your face.
I exfoliate my face once a week. The product that I use is Wardah exfoliating. It works on my face and it is cheap. In Taiwan, I don't know any recommended skincare, so I decided to do handle my face by my own. So, exfoliating is a must because I can not have any facial treatment in any skincare in Taiwan. (In Indonesia, I usually go to Natasha skincare and another skincare for facial). I have tried microdermabrasion in Indoensia, and I love the result! After did microdermabrasion, my face was getting more dried than ever. I think it was the worst, because my skin was like flake off at that time. However, after one week, I slough off the dead skin and YESSSSS I really like the result. My face was really smooth and my face had no crack anymore when I applied BB cream and face powder. 

5. Keep you body feel firm and steady.
Realize or not, It will help you in having a nice shape and you looks confidence and elegant. 

6. Nourish your skin.
I have an oily skin, but when it is winter, my face getting more dried. So, during winter I stop using my Natasha skincare routine products, and I try to use Vaseline gel and instant aloe vera. For my lip, I use eos lip balm. Those are essential in winter time :)

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