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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why Taiwan?

Time by time, I found the answer, why my destiny is to study in Taiwan. Why Taiwan?

There are some advantages for me:

1. I study with the other 8 Indonesian students (and we are in the same class)
    It can be said: power. The University provide what we need; especially the prayer room for Moslems.

2. Learning Chinese Language, the second Universal language
    Yup. Taiwanese are so friendly. I love them! It's quite different with Hong Kong and Chinese. Taiwanese is more friendly. And... They have a lot of questions about Islam. Well sometimes I feel bored in answering the same questions about hijab, but yeah it's just sometimes.
O ya, back to Language, Almost all of my friends can't talk Taiwanese language; same like us in Indonesia, not all of my friends can talk their local language. 

3. Helping TKI/BMI/Indonesian Labor in Taiwan
    I have already realized this one. I thought that studying in another country is just get in students community, or get involve in social organization with local people. But here in Taiwan is different, my friends and I can do silaturahmi with TKI. It's so interesting. 
The idea comes from the reality that when Indonesian labor came back to Indonesia, they bring a lot of money but most of them can't control it. They want to do business but they don't know how. So, we make monthly seminar (Saya Siap Menjadi Pengusaha) and workshop; we tell them the way to do business (as what we have known and learned), and invite some practitioners to teach us.

4. Join "Keputrian"
    Keputrian is held twice in a month. The agenda is doing sunnah activities, tadarus, reading Al-Matsurat, fasting, and of course sharing. My knowledge about Islam is enhanced gradually. I hope Allah will love me more and more and more :* Amiin.. And Allah forgive my sins and give me the best, saleh, loyal and healthy guy and family Amiinn :)  

5. Get more intense with Indonesian lecturer
    There are some Indonesian lecturer in my University. I can ask everything; how to make International journal, how to deal with Professor, how to deal with Dikti, how to do taaruf, etc. And every twice a week, we play badminton. :)) Hahah

Those are five things that I won't get if I am not studying in Taiwan.
Thanks Allah.. Alhamdulillah.. :))

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There is Something gone

I have to dream a lot, make a plan and do it.
Like what I did. 
People said: "Kamu tuh jangan kayak gitu lah es, jangan obsesi banget pengen kuliah di luar negeri. Perempuan itu jadi lebih baik ngurus keluarga di rumah. Biarin suami yang kerja keras."
Yups, luckily I didn't get angry or annoyed with what he said. I just kept silent and thinking, ya, that could be definitely true. But hey! Aku ga terobsesi banget buat kuliah di luar negeri. 
I wasn't too obsessed in studying abroad. Yes, I prayed to Allah and searched some programs which provide study abroad scholarships (it was only when I had spare time). 
But then after I graduated from my last University, I thought earning money was more appealing for me. I stopped searching scholarships; at least I have tried in making approach to get it. I realized that I need money, more than education. If I have money, I can take care my own life, give some money for my family, and may be one of the best that I can afford is continue my education in pursuing my master degree (in the University which located near with my company).
So, I want to go abroad (it was my dream since I was in high school), but I wasn't so obsessed (please don't said that I'm an obsessive person. You don't know me. Don't judge me. Just please, DoN'T.

Alhamdulillah, Allah say Yes, and my dream comes true. Suddenly, I got the scholarship and plus bonus. Eventhough it is not in America, such what I wished in the first time I made this blog (2008). (My blog's display hasn't changed until I wrote this post).

(the second picture is my comment post on 2009, do you remember this? :*. 
Alhamdulillah Allah gave you more, 4 years scholarship granted)

It's OK I didn't get scholarship in pursuing my master degree in America with my husband, because now I got scholarship in Taiwan with my 8 Indonesian friends and plus we are future lecturers.

Nothing is impossible. Actually, I was so confused, whether I stayed working in my company (which now I always sad and miss that company, I love the knowledge that I get when I work there.. so muuchh, oh noo too much knowledge that I can get in that biggest company in Indonesia, OMG I miss those so much; feels like there is something that has gone. I miss experience and knowledge and suppliers and users and bosses and friends and seniors and telephones and emails and pending items and pressures and talking English everyday and passion and new people and strange people), or do struggle in getting Dikti's scholarship. 

What I wanna say here is I have to dream more. I want to achieve 1,000. If then I fail getting 1,000, it would be OK because at least I got 800.

It's good for me in having passion. Recently, my passion is on business. To start a business, I have to know ...
Jadi, selain kuliah, ngerjain tugas yang numpuk dan bejibun, ikut kegiatan Bamus dan PPI Taiwan, isi waktu luang dengan kegiatan positive seperti ini; baca novel (I prefer read newspaper actually :/ because I believe it will be useful), belajar bisnisnya, keuangannya kaya gimana, and observe pasar.
May be after that I won't feel alone or feels like there is something that has gone anymore.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

What's on my mind?

These four days, I read a paper about management of POSCO company. It is Harvard Case Paper, with title: The POSCO Way of Field-Based Innovation. Well, after I read this paper, it quite messed up my sleeping time.
When I close my eyes, I remember about this company that I have worked for. I learned so much things there. I saw no competition there, we gave support each other. The pressure, yeah the pressure and athmosphere, I have to say that I miss that pressure.
               Finally, I present the paper 

But hey, before I resigned from that company, I prayed to Allah to give me the best, and I hoped that the best is getting scholarship, to fulfill my passion; study abroad.
Before I resigned, one by one of my boy bestfriends had resigned. It was quite make me feel alone. Do you know the feeling when your friends move out beyond you and feel happy?
I was feeling happy too for them, but there was something that trigger me out to move too.
That was not my sole reason to catch my dream (study abroad). The other reason is because the opportunity has came to me.
When I wanted to resign, the awesome things has given to me from my team leader. He was the best leader for me, I know he wouldn’t like it but actually in my heart he is like a father. What I saw from him, he was sooo nice.
Oh Gosh. I miss him so much L. I miss that company. I miss the staffs, all the staffs. Working in that company was like working in another country, in suburb island. I WAS SOOOO EXCITEEDDD WHEN I WAS WORKING THERE!! PASSION. PASION. PASSION.

Here, I am. Studying in Taiwan. Thanks to Allah because I have been here for 1 semester and I still have time here for 3 semester.

Getting scholarship and studying in another country. What I would like to say is ALHAMDULILLAH. I can save my money,  I can enhance my knowledge, I can buy things which when I was in Indonesia I have to think twice before buying that things, I have chance in adding MSc in my name, and I will be a lecturer (which always make me breathtaking and afraid because a lecturer have a lot lot lot of responsibilities; to Allah, Indonesian’s future, students’ parents....)..

There are a lot of things happen here to me.. I feel I am in the comfort zone. Eventhough I study in another country, but I feel that my English ability is decreasing. And something that I don't realize is: my communication ability has decreased, and I am being a silent person. Actually I didn't realize that until my friend told me. I just realize that my mood is not good here. Eventhough I have a lot of Indonesian friends here, which we study in the same class, and we went everywhere everytime together, but I felt a lot of things has disappeared, and I don't have much to make conversation. Eventhough I have been travelling to some countries and some cities in these 2 months, but I feel something has gone, yes I felt happy, but it was not maximum. 

2 weeks ago I met my other friends, I feel so excited. Even I don't know why I was so opened to the new people, and we talked so much. Really excited. In that way, I realize that what I need is having another friends. I realize that in Indonesia, everyweek I always have new clients, new suppliers, met users, new friends, talk in the public area with new people. Here, in another country, in suburb city, just a little people who can speak English. I miss those moment, which make my heart beat hardly, laugh together, Sharing our knowledges, sharing experiences and story, feel so excited and curious when I talk with them.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jalan-jalan di Kota Yunlin - Taiwan

Tinggal dan sekolah di Yunlin, tapi belum pernah keliling Yunlin, belum afdol pastinya. Oleh karena itu, ikutan acara yang diselenggarain international affairs di universitas. Walaupun event kali ini, international students yang datang 3 negara: China-Malaysia-Indonesia.. #refresh #otak #pikiran #hiburan .. daripada mumet mikirin tugas muluu..

Desember 2014 ini lagi musim winter, beberapa hari ini di Yunlin berkisar 11-18 derajat Celcius, Katanya, besok lusa bakal 8 atau 9 derajat Celcius. FYI, gedung-gedung di Taiwan ga ada heater. And FYI, di Taiwan gada salju. Kalo mau ngeliat salju pun kamu harus ke Hu Han Shu dulu (gatau lah aku lupa nama gunungnya apa, tapi pengucapannya kayak gitu). Rencananya bulan Januari depan, sama beberapa temen mau ke Jepang niih (demiii ngerasain dinginnya salju :p). (Semoga jadii ke Jepaaanngg. Amiin).

Hari ini pergi sama international students, ke 3 tujuan:
1.  Visit Chao Yang Solar Farm, Kang Yao di Mailiao
     Apa saja yang bisa dilakukan disana?
     Learn how to Kang Yao
     Put food into the “Yao”
     See around Solar Farm
     Lunch Time

2. Visit Ding Shi Colorful Painting Community

3. Visit Shing-long Textile Factory

Too lazy for adding description in this blog.. :) arr...
#semangat #lanjut #nugas #back to real world baby!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Konspirasi Internasional di Indonesia

Yesterday, I read a book with title “Reformasi Kesejahteraan Aparatur Negara”. This book is still outstanding even though it is published in 2010 (4 years ago). The book tells an abundance explanation about pension fund and a little international confederation. Personally, it is more interesting for me to read about the explanation of International Confederation. Last month, si pacar told me about International Conspiration. Reading this book make me remember again what he has told me, believe what he said and make me admire him.

Sorry, it has been a long time I didn’t write any opinion. I lost my writing ability, it is different with 2-4 years ago, when I was an undergraduate student (OMG, I want to study again). Sorry, I don’t think that plagiarism is a criminality. So, here it is what the book say:


“Dengan adanya kebutuhan untuk menutup deficit nereca pembayaran luar negeri dan untuk pembiayaan pembangunan maka sejak bertahun-tahun Indonesia sangat tergantung kepada hutang luar negeri sampai terakumulasi dalam jumlah yang sangat besar dan berat untuk dibayar kembali. Beban hutang luar negeri menjadi semakin parah pada saat terjad penurunan nilai mata uang rupiah yang sangat signifikan.
Hutang luar negeri diantaranya berasal dari Negara-negara donor yang tergabung dalam International Monetary Fund (IMF) dan World Bank. Pendirian kedua lembaga keuangan internasional tersebut didasarkan atas kesepakatan Bretton Woods pada tahun 1945. Sejak tahun 1970 IMF telah mengeluarkan Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) sebagai pengganti emas dan dapat digunakan sebagai cadangan uang luar negeri. Julah SDRs dapat ditentukan oleh IMF sepanjang dianggap perlu untk meningkatkan cadangan internasional untuk menumbuhkan perdagangan dan ekonomi dunia.
Menilik dari motif pendirian dan sumber pendanaan IMF tersebut jelas menunjukkan bahwa system pinjaman luar negeri yang dijalankan IMF mempunyai unsur riba dan didasarkan kepada mata uang yang riba pula. Dalam kolom Renungan Ramadhan di harian Media Indoensia tanggal 10 November 2003, Nurcholis Madjid menulis artikel dengan judul “Riba adalah Perbuatan Paling Haram”. Dalam artikel tersebut dinyatakan bahwa Allah memberikan peringatan yang sangat keras mengenai riba ini sebab dapat menjurus kea rah perbudakan (exploitation human by man).
Penjelasan Cak Nur tersebut sanga relevan dengan kondisi Indonesia akhir-akhir ini. Masih jelas dalam ingatan kita bagaimana seorang Campdesu yang saat ini menjadi Presiden Direktur IMF dengan sangat ponghanya menyaksikan manan Presiden Suharto yang tengah mendandatangani Letter of Intent (LOI) untuk mendapatkan tambahan hutang luar negeri pada saat Indonesia mengalami krisis ekonomi dan moneter yang sangat parah.
Kesan proses penindasan manusia kepada manusia lainnya (exploitation human by man) juga dapat dengan jelas disaksikan dari berbagai tuntutan IMF terhadap pemerintah Indonesia untuk melakukan apa saja yang dapat menguntungkan negara-negara donor yag tergabng IMF tersebut. Di antaranya termasuk tekanan IMF untuk melakukan privatisasi yang berarti harus menjual asset-aset negaar kepada Negara-negara tersebut dengan harga yang murah. “

“Korupsi, kolusi dan nepotisme (KKN) sudah menjadi penyakit yang sangat kronis bagi bangsa Indonesia dan sudah berlangsung hampir di seluruh lembaga dan meliputi semua aspek kehidupan. Data terakhir menunjukkan bahwa Indoensia masih tergolog yang mempunyai tingkat korupsi yang tinggi di dunia. Berdasarkan corruption index yang dikeluarkan oleh lembaga internasional, Indonesia menduduki peringkat yang tertinggi di Asean dengan angka indeks 2,15; Philippina 3,92; Thaland 5.18; Malaysia 7,38; Singapura 8,22.
Kondisi ini tentunya menjelaskan suatu tingkat korupsi yang sangat luar biasa cakupannya, termasuk aparatur negara serta pejabat negaranya. Sebagai dampak dari praktek-praktek KKN tersebut, maka Indonesia mengalamai krisis yang berkepanjangan dan timbulnya bencana yang terus-menerus. Negara-negara di Asean yang terkena krisis akibat krisis moneter yang dimulai tahun 1997 telah mulai menunjukkan perbaikan ekonominya. Namun Indonesia bahkan terperososk menjadi krisis yang berlarutlaut bahkan bertambah menjadi krisis moral dan akhlak. Kondisi ini diperparah dengan munculnya berbagai bencana alam yang melanda di seluruh pelosok tanahair. Bencana gnug berapi, banjir, tsunami telah menambah penderitaan dan memperparah keadaan serta menambah beban keuangan negara.
Patut diduga bahwa akibat pembiayaan pembangunan dengan menggunakan sumber pembiayaan yang kotor dan ribawi serta APBN yang kotor, maka terjadilah berbagai bencana dan krisis termasuk korupsi.
Sebagi resultante dari berbagai permasalahan tersebut maka kemiskinan di Indonesia semakin mengingkat. Data dari ILO menunjukkan bahwa jmlah masyarakat yang miskin meningkat dari 34,5 juta pada tahun 1996 menjadi 38,4 juta pada than 2002. Jumlah ini berkisar 18%-24% dari jumlah penduduk dan kebanyakan terjadi di sector pertanian yan gmencapai 57%-70%. Ha ini menunjukkan bahwa kebijakan penciptaan laparngan kerja tidak berjalan optimal dan keadaan ini juga diakibatkan oleh adanya kendala dalam pembiayaan investasi jangka panjang.”
“Sebagai akibat dari krisis ekonomi dan moneter yang sangat hebat sejak tahun 1997 dan akibatnya sangat terasa bagi seluruh sendi perekonomian bahwa kehidupan bangga dan negara Indonesia, maka, Presiden soeharto setuju meminta bantuan IMF. Lewat perjanjian yang disepakati, IMF setuju untuk memberikan paket pinjaman bersyarat senilai $ 36 miliar selama 1997-2003. Namun sesuai dengan surat sanggup atau Letter Of Intent (LOI) yang ditandatangani Indonesia harus menjalani reformasi dan pembatasan-pembtasan yang ketat, mulai dari penutupan bank, penjualan Aset BUMN hingga menaikkan suku bunga, menimbulkan gelombang protes dan kemarahan. Namun demikian, nasehat-nasehat IMF banyak yang justru salah arah. Dalam surat kabar Kompas dan Tempo tanggal 14 November 2003 tertulis peryataan dari Asisten Direktur IMF untuk Asia Pasific Charles Adams di Bangkok, Thailand seperti dikutip AFP yang menyatakan “Kami mengakui telah melakukan kesalahan selama mengagani krisis di Asia. Tiak semua orang sependapat dalam hal apa pastinya kesalahan-kesalahan itu.” Dalam Koran /tempo tanggal 24 Juni 2004 Lembaga Pengawas Independen IMF (The Independent Evaluation Office) dalam laporan terbarunya menyebutkan, IMF telah gagal memahami problem utama krisis yang dihadapi Indonesia pada 1997. IMF juga telah melakukan kesalahan dengan memberikan nasehat dan jalan keluar yang kurang tepat bagi Indonesia dalam mengatasi krisis ekonominya.
Indikasi terjadinya konspirasi internasional untuk melemahkan negara dan bangsa Indoensia dapat tercermin dari Pengakuan Perkins. Perkins yang warganegara Amerika Serikat menuliskan pengalamannya selama menjadi “hit-man” dalam bukunya “The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” mengakui bahwa selama masa tugasnya yang pertama kali di luar negeri adalah di Indonesia. Selama itu dia tinggal Hotel Borobudur dengan tujuan untuk membuat Indonesia menjadi negara yang selaanya sangat tergantung dengan pinjaman luar negeri. Dengan memanipulasi laporan keuangan proyek untuk memudahkan mendapatkan dana dari luar negeri kemudian menjerumuskan negara ini ke dalam jurang utang yang terus menerus dan sulit untuk dibayar. Setelah tergantung dari pinjaman, maka kemudian mencoba dihancurkan ekonominya dengan jalan penguasaan sumber alam dan sumber daya ekonominya. Upaya yang dilakukan selama itu antara lain menyebarkan berita kebohongan dengan mengatakan bahwa ekonomi Indoensia semakin baik fundamennya kuat dengan memanfaatkan pinjaman dari lembaga-lembaga keuangan international.
Oleh karena itu, sudah saatnya Indonesia lebih mandiri sebagai bangsa dan negara. IMF telah mengakui kesalahannya dalam memberikan nasehat kepada Indonesia. Namun demikian, Indonesia telah terlanjur dilanda krisis yang berkepanjangan, PHK merajalela, kemisikinan dan pengangguran di mana-mana, serta penguasaan asset-asset nasional oleh pihak asing sebagai akibat privatisassi,serta terjadinya low trust society.
Selama ini Indoensia telah mengikuti nasehat IMF dengan mentah-mentah tanpa suatu penelitian dan pendalaman terlebih dahulu. Jikapun telah melalui pengkajian berarti diterima karena kebodohan kita. Apakah dengan demikian IMF akan dengan serta merta membebaskan Indonesia dari beban hutang  kepada mereka? Tentunya mereka tidak akan melakukan hal itu, karena mungkin memang kondisi demikianlah yang diharapkannya sehingga Indoensia semakin tergantung kepada nasehat dan bantuannya. Bila perlu Pemerintah harus mengajukan claim of damage kepada IMF.”

Those paragraphs are taken from Reformasi Kesejahteraan Aparatur Negara book, written by Drs. Achmad Subianto, MBA., and published by Yayasan Bermula dari Kanan in 2010.
I think this book is also recommended to read:
  Perkins, John, Confessions of An Economic Hitman, Berret-Khler Publishers, Inc, San Fransisco, 2004.
  Pilger, John, The New Rulers of The World, Verso, London, 2003.
  Sachs, Jeffrey, The End of Poverty, Economic Possibilities for Our Time, Penguin Press, New York, 2005
  Prawiro, Radius, Pergulatan Indonesia Membagnun Ekonomi, Pragmatisme dalam aksi, PT. Primamedia Pustaka, Jakarta, 2004
  Choeryanto Syaifoel, Ekonomi Indoensia, Penurunan dan Langkah Penanggulangan, Lembaga Penerbit FEUI, 2002.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 02, 2014

My English is still bad.. :/, my IELTS score fluctuates :(, At the first time, it was 4.5 then rose to 5.5 and then fell to 4.5. -_- . Wow and now it's March, it means that I can't take IELTS test on March. I will take IELTS test in June. No problem, it means that i have 3 months to learn English more.

Actually, I'm not feel confident enough to do the test. I am so afraid.

Germany or France? Dikti's representative will come in next Tuesday. He/ She will ask us about the University and the major which we choose to study in. I am still not sure with my decision. Based on my friend's experience, although the tuition fee in Germany is free, the living cost in France is cheaper than that of in Germany.  In contrast, in France we have to use French very well and because of this, most of my friends choose to study in Germany.

One of my friends in France convinced me to choose Ecole Polytechnique. He said that it's one of the best University in the world. But my friend in Indonesia said that all of Universities in Germany have 
the same world standard, all of them have excellent education standard.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Braga Culinary Night

There is a new local tourist attraction in Bandung city called Braga Culinary Night, the first culinary district for people who love to hang out and try many kinds of tasty and delicious foods. The event was held for the first time in January 11, 2014 and will be held every Saturday night –starting from 7 pm to 1 am. The event is held in Baraga Street, one of the historical streets in Bandung – West Java. The street is closed from any vehicles and decorated with colorful flying umbrellas, benches, and tables with flowers. There are more than 45 vendors in Braga Culinary Night (BCN) who sells foods and drinks in various prices, starting from the lowest price until the highest price. There are 3 zones in BCN such as low-price zone, medium-price zone, and high-price zone. In low-price zone, we can find a lot of foods such as fried rice, fried banana, fried chicken, timbel set and soto. You can find sushi, Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice, in medium-price zone, and steak, a cut of grilled; pan-fried; or sliced broiled beef, in high-price zone. Not only that, there are some music stages in some spots for visitors who want to enliven this event. if you want to go to BCN with your family or friends, don’t forget to bring umbrella – because it’s rainy season – and please get ready for the crowd! When I came there, even though it was raining and very crowded, my friends and I still had so much fun there. Well, the Braga Culinary Night is so interesting, you must come to this event!