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Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 02, 2014

My English is still bad.. :/, my IELTS score fluctuates :(, At the first time, it was 4.5 then rose to 5.5 and then fell to 4.5. -_- . Wow and now it's March, it means that I can't take IELTS test on March. I will take IELTS test in June. No problem, it means that i have 3 months to learn English more.

Actually, I'm not feel confident enough to do the test. I am so afraid.

Germany or France? Dikti's representative will come in next Tuesday. He/ She will ask us about the University and the major which we choose to study in. I am still not sure with my decision. Based on my friend's experience, although the tuition fee in Germany is free, the living cost in France is cheaper than that of in Germany.  In contrast, in France we have to use French very well and because of this, most of my friends choose to study in Germany.

One of my friends in France convinced me to choose Ecole Polytechnique. He said that it's one of the best University in the world. But my friend in Indonesia said that all of Universities in Germany have 
the same world standard, all of them have excellent education standard.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Braga Culinary Night

There is a new local tourist attraction in Bandung city called Braga Culinary Night, the first culinary district for people who love to hang out and try many kinds of tasty and delicious foods. The event was held for the first time in January 11, 2014 and will be held every Saturday night –starting from 7 pm to 1 am. The event is held in Baraga Street, one of the historical streets in Bandung – West Java. The street is closed from any vehicles and decorated with colorful flying umbrellas, benches, and tables with flowers. There are more than 45 vendors in Braga Culinary Night (BCN) who sells foods and drinks in various prices, starting from the lowest price until the highest price. There are 3 zones in BCN such as low-price zone, medium-price zone, and high-price zone. In low-price zone, we can find a lot of foods such as fried rice, fried banana, fried chicken, timbel set and soto. You can find sushi, Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice, in medium-price zone, and steak, a cut of grilled; pan-fried; or sliced broiled beef, in high-price zone. Not only that, there are some music stages in some spots for visitors who want to enliven this event. if you want to go to BCN with your family or friends, don’t forget to bring umbrella – because it’s rainy season – and please get ready for the crowd! When I came there, even though it was raining and very crowded, my friends and I still had so much fun there. Well, the Braga Culinary Night is so interesting, you must come to this event!


Jamu, traditional medicine in Indonesia, is made from herbs such as sugar, mint, and turmeric. Jamu has been made since 700 Century in the Mataram Kingdom era. Technology has made contribution in giving Jamu's new forms such as powder, pills, capsules, or drinking liquid. Jamu is usually sold by women who carry it in a basket (jamu gendong), or in food stall. We can make Jamu by ourselves because the ingredients are easy to get, especially in tropical zone like Indonesia. The ingredients of Jamu depend on people's illness. For example, if you suffer constipation, you can make Jamu from ginger (Zingiber Officinale), Kencur (Kaempferia Galnga), pepper, Adas (Foenicoulum Vulgare Mill), and citrus. On the other hand, if you suffer problems in your menstruation cycles, you can make Jamu from Beluntas leaves (Pluchea Indica), turmeric, java coconut sugar, and sour tamarind - these can cool your body too. Each herb of Jamu's ingredient gives different benefits for your body. For example, Beras Kencur will reduce body ache and sour tamarind will reduce stomachache. There are many kinds of Jamu. You should choose Jamu which meets your needs. 

Differences between Bugisnese and Sundanese foods

There are several differences between Bugisnese and Sundanese foods. Firstly, Bugisnese serve vegetables as side dish. On the other hand, Sundanese serve those as main course. For example, sometimes Sundanese will eat garnish in family gathering. Secondly, Bugisnese cakes are sweeter than Sundanese cakes. For example, Bugisnese dodols (Bajes) are sweeter than Sundanese dodols because Bugisnese add more sugar into their dodols (Bajes). Thirdly, Bugisnese tend to cool their main course by adding more coconut milk than Sundanese do. We think Sundanese foods are healthier than Bugisnese foods, but if you think Bugisnese foods are more delicious, you have to eat them proportionally. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Apply for a Job

Some of fresh graduates students still don't know how to apply for a suitable job, so here are the steps. 
The first step is searching for job vacancies which offer work position that you want. You can do this by searching in websites, reading newspapers and attending job fairs. You have to find out the detailed information about the company and the offered position. However, make sure it is suitable for you. 
The second step is making the application letter and curriculum vitae that illustrate your personal information, education, skills, and work experience. You can learn how to make this from books, the Internet, or friends experiences. You can insert your transcript, graduation certificate, photos, and certificates of achievements into your application folder.
The third step is sending your application by mail, e-mail, or coming directly to the company or job fair. 
The fourth step is waiting for the interview invitation, and preparing yourself for the test. Sometimes it takes about two weeks. However, it can be longer or shorter. It depends on the company. Based on my experience when 1 applied for a job in Pertamina, they sent their invitation after i had waited for four months. 
The fifth step is taking the test. There are 3 kinds of tests: psychotest, interview test, and physical test. You have to improve your logical skills such as arithmetic, algibre, and kraeplin. Read more about interview tips. The more tips you know the more confident you are. Then, don't forget to keep your body healthy or to watch you health and consume various nutritious foods for your stamina and concentration. So that you can face the interview and do physical test well.
The last step is signing the work contract. Make sure that you read the contract carefully. If you don't get the job that you apply in the company, don't worry because maybe this job isn't suitable for you. You can find another job vacancy that is more suitable for you.

How to Buy Items from Suppliers

Buying items from suppliers requires a few steps. The first step is grouping the items that you want to buy, for example, machinery items, probes, gasses, and safety items. The second step is making lists of supplier for each group. There should be more than 5 suppliers in every list. You can see suppliers classifications - classifications of suppliers based on their products- as your reference. The third step is sending bidding invitations to supplier and giving them the due date. 2 days before the due date, you have to remind them by sending e-mail or making a phone call. After 5 days, the next step is analyzing process and specifications of items which are listed on the quotations. You have to choose the successful supplier who gives the lowest price and has same qualifications with items that you need. Sometimes, the successful supplier can be more than one. The last step is making the contract. At this step, you have to ask confirmations from the suppliers and user regarding the prices, delivery schedules, and specifications on draft contract.You have to make sure that the suppliers prices are lower than the budget and their qualifications are the same with what user wants. And please note that the user shouldn't know the names of suppliers and their prices. This is necessary to avoid some deceptions. If both agree with the draft contract, you can make the contract and send it to the suppliers. The task seems easy but it does require honesty and carefulness. 

The Differences of Work Cultures between Indonesian and Korean Workers

If you work in an Indonesian-Korean joint-venture, you should know the differences in work cultures between Indonesian and Korean workers. Firstly, the working spirits/ passions of the workers are different. Indonesian workers are less ambitious than Koreans. Secondly, the working process of Indonesian workers is more time-consuming in making a decision. They think carefully while they work. On the other hand, Korean workers work faster and always push people to work faster. They always say: "Palli, palli!" (Cepat, cepat !) For the other example: sometimes, even though the machines and the operators aren't ready yet, they ask the operators to run the machines. Thirdly, Indonesian workers think that they should always obey the rules. In some cases, when problems have been solved, they still ask to revise them and of course it makes the process much longer and delays the work. Korean workers ten to obey the rules too, but if there are no alternatives and the company have to break the rule, they may do it. So, here are 3 main differences in work cultures between Indonesian and Korean workers as listed. From this differences, i prefer to work with Korean workers because they are more efficient, ambitious, and creative.