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I am writing this topic due to my interest in writing, furthermore with blogging. There is a lot of advantages and may be there are disadvantages when you write your stories or when you decide to make writing as one of your hobbies. I will write 5 things about writing.
Firstly, sometimes when somebody had trouble in expressing the heart feelings, when you being hesitate to share with your friends, or maybe when you feels there’s no one are suppose to know your story, or when you feels that you have no one to trust. You can just write it! Write it in your diary, blog or website. You can express your heart feelings and your experience about love, sad, disappointed, etc. You can write anything that you want, you can share it, and you can set your blog so nobody knows who you are.
Secondly, writing as a part of learning. For example, write your story in a foreign language. People who read your story, they can give comments for you, about your interesting story, about your boring story, or tells you that you have made some mistakes in grammar. If you are accustomed to writing in the foreign language, it will enhance your writing ability and improve your grammar knowledge.
Thirdly, if you have blog or website which has high visit statistic, you can earn money from that. It’s because of the  advertisements. Or maybe if you have interesting stories and you made it as a book, you can earn money from that too.
Fourthly, the benefit is not only for the writer but also for the reader. The story can help us to understand the world. Story teach us what may happen. The story tells us about people who survive and it will give us motivation. The story can be one of learning media.
Fifthly, there is a lot of popular writers who suicide. I don’t know exactly why. The reason why they kill their self still a mystery until now. Maybe because they got stress when they had been being a writer as their job, they forced to finish their story in short time. In spite of that inspiration flow by itself and sometimes we can’t force it. When the writers write the story, they need to concentrate and they will avoid their social environment (it will make their self more oppressed).
I think it would be fun if we start to write our own story (as long as it does not make a distance with our friends or our social environment). Not only write your story, but also your experience and your knowledge. You can publish and share it. I think it’s also a good thing if you have something in which you are skillful, and you share it with other people to enrich what you already have in yourself. Just write it!
Fiesty Utami

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