Sunday, March 13, 2016

IDN (Indonesian Diaspora Network) in 2015 in Jakarta

Last year, in August 2015, I joined IDN (Indonesian Diaspora Network) in Jakarta. It was so amazing >< ..

I was lucky because I had an opportunity to meet those gorgeous Indonesian Diaspora. All of them are success people and specialized in their own field.

The man in the middle of this photo is Pak Mohamad Al-Arief. When we took this photo together in 2015, he was the Chairman of Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN), which was responsible globally. He works as Deputy Global Communications Adviser at the World Bank, Washington DC, US.
Not many conversations that we did, I just introduced myself to him. I watched him and I was mesmerized by how he set the IDN event last year in Jakarta and Bandung, how the way he communicates with the committees, how he greet the guests, and taking care of his wife and children while doing a tour in Bandung. He is a humble, religious, and wise person.

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