Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dipo Alam made a statement in front of the press, that he asked the government to not place the advertisement in mass media which always criticizing the government and showing demonstration pictures with narration "Indonesia is on its way to being a failed state."

Since the first time I heard this news, until today, my opinion has never changed. I agree with Dipo Alam's statement. 

Firstly, Since Surya Palloh built a new party and wanted to be a President, Metro TV has been not independent Sometimes, the shows at Metro TV is turned for party's show. Which, of course, to promote his party.

Secondly, I think Dipo's statement is OK. It's only natural that Dipo made that statement because the statement was made by his own self (personally), not as a secretary cabinet.

Thirdly, on the Internet, there were a lot of Media Indonesia's articles which have the impression: Dipo Alam as Media Group's enemy. There were a lot of rude comments for Dipo Alam. I was being curious. Then, I left a comment in an article Media Indonesia. And the result: My comment won't be published before MI staff confirmed it.
So, it's clear!
They won't confirmed the comments which on Dipo's side. That's why no comment on Dipo's side.
Not only that, Metro TV has made running text about Dipo Alam. The running text had been showing for a few days. They should have obeyed UU Penyiaran. Metro TV as a press. Press has the power to influencing people. Besides that, Dipo has no tool to balance it.

Fourthly, Media interested in showing controversial news only. Meanwhile, the positive things didn't raise up. Opinion, emotion, and attitude of media sometimes aren't neutral in digging the fact. I worry if there is media power centralization by politicians and entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, I agree with Dipo Alam's statement, for the reason listed!

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