Saturday, January 28, 2012

Balloons (IELTS Writing)

Almost everybody in the world knows balloons. In the past, balloons are just something made of rubber material, which have elastic chaacteristic. Nowadays, balloons have a lot of modifications. Ballons are something made of rubber, latex, or plastic material, which have interesting colours and unique shapes. Balloons filled with a gas, such as oxgen, hydrogen, helium, or air. There are a lot of balloon’s kinds and functions, which are will be described on this essay.
Nowadays, balloons have a lot of kinds. For example, there are printing latex balloons, LED flashing balloons, inflatable balloons, gondola balloons, Zeppelin balloons (Remote Control balloons) and whistle balloons. Not only that, there are water balloons and hot air balloons. Water ballons are thin and small, filled with water and intended to be easily broken. While, hot air balloons are big, using air heated with hydrogen and can go to the athmosphere.
A lot of kinds of balloons make balloons have a lot of functions. Ballons are used as decorations in a lot of occasions, such as: wedding party and birthday party. Ballons can be used as one of promotion media, supporting media in sport games, and as a toys (as volleyball, paintball, etc). Whereas, ballons (especially gondola) can carries people, animals, or automatic equipment (cameras and telescopes).
In conclusion, there are a lot of kinds and functions of balloons, which makes balloons more interesting and makes us fun. 

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