Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Differences between Bugisnese and Sundanese foods

There are several differences between Bugisnese and Sundanese foods. Firstly, Bugisnese serve vegetables as side dish. On the other hand, Sundanese serve those as main course. For example, sometimes Sundanese will eat garnish in family gathering. Secondly, Bugisnese cakes are sweeter than Sundanese cakes. For example, Bugisnese dodols (Bajes) are sweeter than Sundanese dodols because Bugisnese add more sugar into their dodols (Bajes). Thirdly, Bugisnese tend to cool their main course by adding more coconut milk than Sundanese do. We think Sundanese foods are healthier than Bugisnese foods, but if you think Bugisnese foods are more delicious, you have to eat them proportionally. 

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